Zhenjiang New Universe Solid Waste Disposal Co. Ltd.


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Environmental Treatment Service

Zhenjiang New Universe Solid Waste Disposal Co. Ltd. was established as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in 2003 and has started operation since 2004. The company owns a piece of land of 35,722.90 square metres having the right granted to operate there for 50 years. The company provides environmental treatment and management services for handling general and hazardous industrial waste for various chemical related industries and regulated medical waste for major hospitals and clinics in the city. The waste treatment center operated by Zhenjiang New Universe Solid Waste Disposal Co. Ltd. is one of the key fundamental environmental facilities in the Zhenjiang City.?In May 2010 and April 2015, the company invested in the construction of 9900 ton annual (ZHS [2010] No. 108) and 16500 ton annual (ZHS [2015] No. 101) hazardous waste devices, with the disposal capacity increased to 26400 ton annual. The project has obtained environmental protection acceptance and other relevant procedures.

Dangerous Chemical Tank Truck Cleansing Service

Since early 2006, Zhenjiang New Universe Solid Waste Disposal Co. Ltd. has been the first and only company in the city qualified to provide dangerous chemical tank truck cleansing services. The cleansing services resolve the pollution problem of remnant chemicals caused by tank truck cleansing for various chemical industries in Zhenjiang. The cleansing plant is operated under strict procedures to ensure the remnant chemical waste after cleaning is handled for controlled disposition.

Industrial Solid Waste Landfill

Since the end of 2006, Zhenjiang New Universe Solid Waste Disposal Co. Ltd. has operated an industrial solid waste landfill with a total disposition capacity of 350,000 cubic metres. The landfill handles general industrial waste and environmentally friendly post-incineration substance.


1. Seal for centrifugal fan

2. Quench tower for solid waste incineration system

3. Guard plate for the back end of rotary kiln incinerator

4. Anti-coking device for solid waste incineration system

5. Spray device for vertical liquid waste incinerator

6. Water-cooling tank for rotary kiln incinerator

7. Air outlet for pyrolysis furnace

8. Sealed scraper conveyor for slag removal

9. Integrated bypass valve device for flue gas

10. Integrated liquid waste feeder for second combustion chamber

Emergency Unit

To conform with the environmental development requirements of Zhenjiang City and with the support of the Environmental Protection Department, Zhenjiang New Universe Solid Waste Disposal Co. Ltd. owns an emergency unit to handle pollution accidents in Zhenjiang. The emergency unit stands by to service summon calls from local authorities, and has involved in cleaning up various pollution troubles caused by traffic accidents and illegal direct waste discharge.


Standard Certification

Certificate of High-tech Enterprise