Zone Entry Requirement and Leasing


Zhenjiang Sinotech invites all plating enterprises over the country ?to enter the Eco-plating Zone. Applicants must comply with national regulations and policies set for the electroplating industries, and meet the requirements of environmental protection and clean production. All tenants shall be under contractual obligations to comply with standard regulations of the Eco-Plating Zone, including:

  • Contractual leasing floor area for each manufacturing enterprise shall not be less than 900 square metres.
  • Tenants shall adopt advanced plating processes and techniques. Old-style rinsing method is not allowed. Cyanide or poisonous substances are generally forbidden except in silver plating, gold plating, polyalloys and strike plating that are subject to pre-entry lab testing.
  • Tenants shall use machine-assisted production methods or advanced production equipment.Simple manual production lines are not allowed.
  • Tenants shall undertake to execute advanced measures for environmental protection, and to install an exhauster and air purification devices to ensure proper treatment of gas emission, and to ensure substances are discharged according to national and local standards.
  • Tenants shall install a dust collector for any polishing process.
  • Tenants shall discharge sewage only through the standardized conduits and collection system built for categorized sewage substances. Uncontrolled and mixture of discharges are strictly prohibited.


Zhenjiang Sinotech shall lease its industrial buildings ?to enterprises entering the Eco-plating Zone under contractual agreements at fees charged according to change of national economic parameters and market conditions from time to time with reference to the standards set out by related governmental departments:

  • Leasing charge;
  • Sewage charge;
  • Utility charges on supply of water, electricity, and stream;
  • Management fees.