One-stop Services

Zhenjiang Sinotech sets up reasonable thresholds for the enterprises entering the Eco-plating Zone to ensure their electro-plating chemical substances discharged from manufacturing process and equipment will comply with the PRC national policies and regulations promulgated for the plating industries and environmental proctection industries. All tenants’ production facilities will be under round-the-clock surveillance. Once tenants enter into a leasing agreement with fixed terms, the tenants manufacturing process is subject to timely review, and the tenants will be prioritized for future renewal at similar favourable terms upon lease expiration.

Zhenjiang Sinotech provides efficient and effective "one-stop" services including:

  • Assisting enterprises entering the zone to apply for registrations with the department of industry and commerce;
  • Assisting enterprises entering the zone to go through the project approval and the environment impact assessment;
  • Ensuring connection to conduits of water, gases, electricity and IT communication in the zone;
  • Ensuring buildings leased are paved with preservatives and waterproof coating according to the general requirements of regular production processes, and under special requests, arranging tailor-made construction at agreed costs borne by tenants;
  • Providing centralized offices, conference rooms and reception areas;
  • Providing services for consolidated procurement, centralised storage and distribution of dangerous substances ?such as cyanides and acids;
  • Providing repairs and maintenance of water and power supply and equipment, transshipment logistics, security guards, technical consultancy, recruitment and financing services;
  • Providing accommodation to employees along with cafeteria, supermarket, bathrooms, activity center, car parks and other public facilities.

Electro-plating Production Line in the Zone


Sludge Treatment Plant

Centralised Water Recycling System

Sewage Treatment Plant