ESG Committee

On 18 May 2023, the Company’s Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (“ESG Committee”) was established. The members of the ESG Committee consist of not less than least two board members appointed by the Board and the respective department heads and officers of different functions and disciplines of the Group as nominated by the two board members of the ESG Committee from time to time.

The ESG Committee is mainly responsible for:

  • developing ESG-related strategies, including identifying, evaluating and monitoring ESG issues that could affect the Group’s business activities, performance, sustainable growth and reputation;

  • identifying ESG-related opportunities and risks that are important for the Group and makes recommendations to the Board;

  • improving the Group’s awareness and knowledge of ESG issues;

  • monitoring training and continuing professional development of the directors and executives of the Company in relation to the ESG issues;

  • overseeing the integration of strategically significant ESG policies into the business operations and strategy;

  • facilitating communications with employees, investors, and other stakeholders with respect to ESG issues;

  • assess ESG risks, and advise on those of strategic significance to the Company and provide anticipatory and mitigation plans;

  • review material interests of the Group’s key stakeholders and report their point of views on material issues to the Company in order to secure correct long term strategic direction;

  • review and report the Group’s sustainability performance, including but not limited to KPIs and achievement to target, relative to comparable peers/historical records or other benchmarked to the Board;

  • review and monitor policies and practices of the Group in respect of compliance with the law and regulatory requirements;

  • formulate, review and monitor the relevant code of conduct and compliance manual (if any) of employees of the Group and the directors of the Company in relation to ESG issues; and

  • review and advise the Board on the preparation of the Environmental Social and Governance Report of the Company annually with regard to the Group’s performance on sustainability and compliance to the requirements and KPIs set out in the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (Appendix 27 of the Listing Rules), and confirm and approve the ESG Report of the Company before submitting it to the Board for final endorsement.

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