Company Profile


New Universe Environmental?Group Limited (NU ENVIRO) became listed on the Hong Kong GEM Board (stock code: 8068 ) in 2000 and transferred its listing of shares to the Hong Kong Main Board (stock code: 436.HK) on 1 August 2016.

NU ENVIRO?was founded in 1996 under the brand name “Smartech” as a plastic injection precision mold manufacturer with an R&D base in Hong Kong. Having years of experience of making precision molds and manufacturing faultless plastic products, NU ENVIRO?reckoned the importance of environmental management in the manufacturing process. In 2006, NU ENVIRO?started to diversify its business and planned to invest in environmental and resources recycling business.

In October 2007, NU ENVIRO?acquired the controlling stakes and took the management in three environmental hazardous waste treatment centres situated at Zhenjiang, Yancheng and Taizhou respectively in Jiangsu Province with Zhenjiang New Universe Solid Waste Disposal Co. Ltd. as the major one. These 3 wholly foreign-owned enterprises have been established since 2003 in Jiangsu Province with existing aggregate paid-up registered capital amounted to US$12.25 million, which are principally engaged in the environmental treatment of industrial and hazardous medical solid wastes. These 3 environmental companies have a total land area of 44,964 square meters (or about 68 mu), which?owns factory buildings, incineration facilities and hazardous waste landfill facilities.

In August 2008, NU ENVIRO?acquired 38% investment interests in a developing project of an eco-electroplating specialized zone in Zhenjiang, China. The project named Zhenjiang Sinotech Eco-electroplating Development Limited was established in September 2007 with existing paid-up registered capital amounted to US$31 million. It owns a specialized industrial zone with a site area of 182,000 square metres (or about 270 mu). In February 2011, NU ENVIRO?increased its stake in the eco-electroplating specialized zone to 98%. In October 2015, the eco-electroplating specialized zone is 100% owned by NU ENVIRO. Nowadays the industrial zone has a centralized electroplating sewage system, a sludge treatment plant, a five-storey multifunction building, and 22 three-storey factory buildings with a total gross floor area of over 106,000 square metres. The industrial zone has currently accommodated about 50 qualified professional plating manufacturers operating inside and carrying out plating production in compliance with the national environmental regulations. All industrial sewage and sludge discharged by the manufacturers in the zone shall be handled through the centralized purification system before clean water could be discharged out of the zone.

In July 2011, NU ENVIRO?established a subsidiary, Xiangshui New Universe Environmental Technology Limited, in Xiangshui of Yancheng City. In August 2013, Xiangshui New Universe became a Sino-foreign equity joint venture with NU ENVIRO?holding 65% equity interest. Currently the paid-up registered capital of the subsidiary was HK$50.75 million, which specializes in industrial waste incineration treatment.

In June 2012, NU ENVIRO?set up a Sino-foreign equity joint venture, YanCheng NUHF Environmental Technology Limited, in Dafang of Yancheng City. In August 2013, NU ENVIRO?increased its stake in YanCheng NUHF to 65%. Currently the paid-up registered capital of the subsidiary was HK$66 million, which specializes in industrial hazardous waste and medical waste?incineration treatment, and owns a hazardous waste landfill.

In June 2015, NU ENVIRO?started to invest and establish a new hazardous waste treatment centre situate at SuQian Eco Chemical Technology Industry Park in Jiangsu Province, and to comply with the requirements of industrial producers and manufacturers in Jiangsu province and in the area surrounding northern Jiangsu on ultimate treatment and reduction in industrial waste. The registered capital of the subsidiary was HK$97 million.??

Since 2011, NU ENVIRO has owned 30% stake in Zhenjiang New District Solid Waste Disposal Limited which runs a hazardous waste landfill in?Zhenjiang, and in April 2017, NU ENVIRO has also acquired 30% stake in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park Tian Yu Solid Waste Disposal Co., Limited which runs a hazardous waste incineration plant in Nanjing.

Since October 2007, NU ENVIRO?has held 28.67%, 24.5% and 18.62% equity interests in Qingdao Zhongxin Huamei Plastics Co. Ltd., Danyang New Huamei Plastics Co. Ltd., and Suzhou New Huamei Plastics Co. Ltd. respectively. These 3 Sino-foreign equity joint venture enterprises are engaged in plastic materials dyeing for major plastics manufacturing customers in China. These investments brought and will continue to bring dividend income to the Group each year.?

Nowadays, the environmental business and customers of NU ENVIRO?have been expanded to a greater area over Jiangsu Province district. Currently the group services more than 1,500 enterprises in Jiangsu Province. The group has become the most trustworthy business partner of industrial enterprises trying to clear off hazardous waste produced, through incineration treatment to ensure proper disposal of industrial hazardous waste and safety emission reduction. The group also services more than 700 hospitals and medical establishments of different sizes situate at Zhenjiang, Taizhou and Yancheng in Jiangsu Province, and to collect and handle infectious medical hazardous waste for them, with a mission to protect citizens by preventing spread of infectious diseases to community.

The Group of NU ENVIRO?undertakes to ensure lean and effective management, to exceed expectations of shareholders, to optimize integrated strength of business units, and to assure missions on environmental support to avoid hazardous waste pollution.